Woven Raffia Changair

Saj Fareed

Changair is a South Asian traditional household handicraft, used for serving hot chapattis. Create your very own changair inspired serving plate using a woven raffia technique. You can experiment and decide how you want yours to look with the 3 colours of raffia that I remember the most from my childhood.

Your creation can be used for multi purposes, such as a fruit bowl or simply displayed as an exquisite home décor item.

This course is suitable for all levels including beginners.


Red Room, Phoenix Art Space

All tools and materials will be provided.

Saj Fareed is a British Asian slow artist and artist educator. She has developed her career working on a wide range of art education projects for museums, galleries, schools and many other establishments for over 25 years. Saj has a keen interest in promoting the arts and crafts to a wider audience and as a tool for creative expression and learning. The aim is to also empower and inspire individuals in their own creative process.

Through her creative practice, Saj takes inspiration from her desire to live a slower pace in her life and the importance of creative self care for our wellbeing. Her creative process in making her art and leading workshops is very much led by a mindful based approach to help us to learn to pause from our everyday lives. As a British Asian artist, she has been thinking more about cultural heritage and how that can help us to deepen our vision and values to thrive. Saj is exploring arts and crafts inspired from the South Asian continent to create a new monthly arts and crafts subscription box called Fursat Box.

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