Photography: How to Create Images Using a Smart Phone

Phoebe Wingrove

Most of us have a smart phone which can be used for taking photos, but how many of us just point the camera and press the button to take a photo without really thinking about what we see and how we’re taking it?

This course will transform your skills from just taking a photo to creating an image and reshaping how you see things. Throughout the six sessions, you will use your smart phone to explore photographing different objects; learn how to compose and edit your images on your phone; and use artistic research to guide your image making. The first few sessions will guide you through utilising what your phone has to offer, you’ll take photos of nature, people, and a variety of objects. The rest of the sessions will give you more freedom to experiment with creating images using the skills you’ve developed. At the end of each session, you’ll pick your best photo to be printed, which you’ll get to keep.

This course aims to share ideas, inspire each other’s visual interpretations and build skills in creating a thought-provoking image.

This course is suitable for beginners to intermediate level.

Red Room, Phoenix Art Space

Students will need to bring:

  • Smart phone: Ideally iPhone but can be another smart phone with camera and editing settings (needs to be fully charged).
  • Objects: things you may want to photograph and create still life compositions with.


Phoebe Wingrove is a freelance photographer and educator who is interested in making photography more accessible for everyone and exploring how we can create interesting images using what we see around us in our everyday lives. Over the past year Phoebe has been exploring using her smart phone as a device to capture images as an instant and reflective process.

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