Creative Bead Making

Anna Watson

You will design and make your own beads and then link them together to make a necklace or piece of decorative work. In the first session you will make the beads using polymer clay, you can create your own designs or use various moulds to make uniform shapes. In week two, once the beads have dried, you will clean them using sand paper and various files, you may also wish to carve designs into the surface using needle files. In week three you will continue cleaning the beads and begin to decorate them using acrylic paint. In week four you will varnish and finish stringing your necklaces/work.

The course is suitable for all levels.


Red Room, Phoenix Art Space

All materials including clay, paint and string/thong will be provided. Students may wish to purchase their own specific string or thong for the beads.

Anna Watson graduated from the University of Brighton with a First Class degree in Materials Practice where she specialised in woodwork and metal. For the past eleven years she has worked in the jewellery industry for commercial designers and artisan jewellers. Anna runs her own jewellery business where she designs work for shops and creates work for national and international exhibitions. In 2018 she did a residency in Athens and has since exhibited in Germany, Greece, Portugal and China. Anna particularly enjoys teaching and encouraging students to develop their designs and ideas.

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