Virtual Family Fun: stay at home gallery


About the Event

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to make your own Stay Home Gallery.

Please share images of your finished Stay Home Gallery with us on Instagram, tagging us @phoenix_artspace and using the hashtag #PhoenixFamilyFunAtHome

Equipment needed: (substitutes suggested in brackets)

  • A Shoe Box  (large cereal box)
  • White Paper, approx 5 sheets A4
  • A glue stick
  • Scissors – large enough to cut card
  • Masking tape  (sellotape)
  • Paints, coloured pencils or pens
  • A printer  (thick black marker)

Step 1

Cut Shoe Box (See alternative 1a. for cereal box)  If attached, cut lid off from box base along fold. If not, cut off 1 long side of lid.  Open out box base or cut down corners of sides to open up.  Cut off one long side of box.

Step 1a

Cereal Box Alternative: Cut around 3 sides of base of cereal box about 4cm up from bottom, but leave 1 large side attached. Cut down centre of detached large side, then open up and follow picture of how to cut both thin sides into sections to form a larger base.

Step 2

Re-attach lid to side of box.  With box lying on it’s remaining long side push lid in to overlap and attach with tape on the back and sides – you may need to flatten out or trim the 2 short sides to neaten the edges.

Step 2a

Cereal Box Alternative: Fold a 3rd of large attached side flat for base and 2 thirds up for back wall. Trim top to a straight line. Attach side walls to base to form a box shape.

Step 3

Cover back and side walls with white paper. Print out (or write) your name and Stay Home Gallery along the long side of an A4 sheet of paper.  Stick your gallery title to the front side of lid.

Step 3a

Cereal Box Alternative: Cover side and back walls with white paper and put your gallery name onto the front.

Step 4

Attach side walls.  Fold in side walls so they slightly cross over the lid sides and mark where they meet. Cut a slit about 2cm in the side of lid and slot together so it holds the side walls slightly at an angle.

Step 5

Create your Art.  Fold an A4 sheet of paper into 4 and cut into 4 postcard sized pieces – thick paper or card would be best if painting. The gallery fits 4 if done portrait way up.  Create your own mini pictures, or ‘recreate’ some of your favourite Artists work.

Step 6

Now hang your exhibition! Decide which work looks best in which order – this bit is called curating an exhibition. You could print or write labels with titles of the work, or add frames?  Stick the art in the gallery with glue, or blue tack on the backs if you want to make more art and use it again.

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