Virtual Family Fun: Make your own rag weave


About the Event

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to make your own Rag Weave.

Please share images of your finished Rag Weave with us on Instagram, tagging us @phoenix_artspace and using the hashtag #PhoenixFamilyFunAtHome

Equipment needed:

  • A rectangle of thick card (approx. 16x24cm) or double thickness cereal box glued together
  • Scissors
  • A ball of string (about 4 metres)
  • Fabric scraps which could include:  J cloth, duster, old pillow case or clothing
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Beads or a straw


Step 1

Make the Card Frame. Mark 2cm spaces along the edge of both short ends of the card, then draw a line 2cm in from each edge. Along this line measure and mark first 1cm then 2cm spaces until another 1cm is left at the other end. Draw triangular zig zags along both edges using the marks. Cut out carefully.


Step 2

String on Frame. These are called warp threads. Leaving about 10cm of spare string, tie a knot around the first point of one end then pull string through the first V down to the opposite V at the bottom, then go around the back and up to the second V at top, continue going around until the last point at the bottom. Tie around point and cut string, again leaving 10cm spare.


Step 3

Cut fabric strips approx 2-3cm wide and at least 25cm long. You can make longer strips from narrow fabric by cutting up and down without cutting it off at the end.


Step 4

Weaving. These are called weft threads. Take a fabric strip and weave it under and over each string from one side to the other. Pull through to the end of the strip and then return the other way. After a few rows gently push up the strips and continue, adding strips by tying them together.


Step 5

Try not pull the sides too tight. Continue weaving until you reach the bottom, then turn over the frame and cut the strings in the middle of the back.


Step 6

Carefully turn the frame back over to the front and tie all the string (warp) ends together in pairs along both ends.


Step 7

Remove card frame. Tuck in fabric knots and one line of strings.


Step 8

Turn weaving over to reveal the other (neat) side. Add beads or cut straws to the loose strings at one end and secure with another knot.  Well done you have completed your rag weaving piece! Use it as a table mat, to decorate any surface at home or hang it on your wall or in your window.


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